Challenger Park Sign in Bridle Path Neighborhood
Bridle Path Equestrian Community residents enjoy access to Horse Ridding Course.
Community Riding Course in Bridle Path Neighborhood
Bridle Path Community has numerous trails leading towards many beautiful spots.
This beautiful single story home resides in Bridle Path Neighborhood in Simi Valley 
Residents of Bridle Path community is dedicated for Equestrian Lifestyle, this beautiful and cozy single family home has a riding Trail passing right in front of its Front Yard.
Beautiful Single family home with a Horse Ranch and Trail Path resides in Bridle Path Neighborhood
Residents of the Bridle Path community enjoy access to numerous Horse enclosed horse riding areas.
Bridle Path Neighborhood Community Sign
This Bridle Path Trail leads to the top of the hill with stunning Panoramic views of the landscape.
Beautiful Traditional Home is located in Bridle Path Neighborhood
Community Horse Obstacle course in Bridle Path Neighborhood 
Residents enjoy quality time with their horse by coming to this Trail leading to many natural beautiful spots
Horse Trails passing through the residential Area
Bridle Path Community serves miles of Trails starting from residential areas leading to Canyons
Bridle Path Equestrian Community resides between stunning Mountain range providing scenic panoramic views.
This Beautiful Cozy single story home located in Bridle Path Community in Simi Valley California
This beautiful and stunning Single family home for sale resides in family friendly Bridle Path Neighborhood
This is Bridle Path Equestrian Community Sign
Stunning home with two car garage and modest front yard resides in Bridle Path Neighborhood
This single story Traditional home resides in Bridle Path Community
Beautiful single story house for Sale in Equestrian Bridle Path Community
Residents of this house enjoy the fair view of the Horse riding trail and panoramic view of the Mountain Ranges in Bridle Path Community